16You met a girl and want to ask her out on a first date. Of course, the first romantic evening should be spent in the restaurant. Only, what to choose, where to go? We will try to understand. Preferably about the restaurant to take care in advance. If you have no experience of visiting such places, try to find information about these places through friends, acquaintances, or just on the Internet.

Well, if the restaurant dimmed the lights, and set on the table the candles will be perfectly romantic setting. The girl will feel more confident, less shy. Better yet, take a trip, choosing a SPA hotel with a restaurant as a place to stay. Great restaurant in Sebastopol is in the resort complex “aquamarine”, a reservation which is carried out by phone: +380 (692)53-94-93.

Take care of booking a table. Imagine the situation and reaction of the girls when you’re at a restaurant, and there are no places. And even finding another place, you will not return in an exciting time, who visited you at the meeting. You disappoint the girl from the very first meeting. Therefore, for successful Dating, we must try to foresee everything. It would be good to get into the hall, designed in the middle ages. But this is not important. Important comfort and good service. Do not forget about flowers, girls like them very much. The bouquet should not be a luxury. Not knowing favorite colors, buy a neutral, without a hint.

Not worth it for a first date to choose Chinese, Japanese or other exotic restaurant. You don’t even know the taste preferences of girls, and can be trapped. Spices, seafood and other paraphernalia such places and not everyone likes choice. Maybe she doesn’t like spicy food, or she’s allergic to spices. So choose restaurants with traditional Russian and European cuisines. Take a closer look, you can choose another institution.

Whichever restaurant you choose for a first romantic date, the presence of the dance floor in it necessarily. And ideally, in another room, so that nothing would distract you from the conversation. If the girl you like, you want this first date into something more, do everything you can to this event struck your beloved. To many years of happy family life, this romantic evening became one of the most precious memories.