27 30Sometimes happens so that once at a party or in a cozy cafe, we meet an interesting conversationalist, wonderful together spend a few hours talking and it’s all over, we thought, must be followed. The stranger suddenly ends the call and says he’s gotta run, adding the phrase ‘nice to meet you!’.

On the one hand, in life don’t underestimate the casual acquaintance, in fact, nothing random in them, all this is given with a specific purpose. On the other hand, sometimes such encounters really end also surprisingly quickly, and how they actually began and the meaning of such Dating can be difficult to catch.

Why men are hesitant to ask a girl out on a date?

They are not sure that You would really like to meet again

Yes, you had a nice conversation with each other, you were joking, telling funny stories from your life, in other words, you both had a great time. However, all this does not mean for him that You would like to meet him again. Many men, unfortunately, can not dare to ask a girl out on a date, unless at least 90% sure that she will not deny it.

In this case, it is recommended the girl to make a compliment to this young man and to add that you liked it.

They sometimes don’t know how You can invite for a date

As funny as it sounded, but sometimes men really can’t find the perfect excuse to invite a girl on a date. If You wish to meet again with indecisive young man, then You should take the initiative in their hands and hint that You would like to meet again.

A good excuse would be the question of how did Your new friend that is that and that movie, which now comes in all theaters, what is his opinion about the film, would recommend it for viewing.