26I know that many guys bother with this issue. The pickup even has a set of rules where you can invite and where they cannot go, and how to choose the right place and so on.

The impression that the place of something depends. On the contrary, all of these rules complicate life. Here you see a pretty girl and think “what to say to her, to meet her, how to motivate, how to take a telephone number where I drive, what I want to talk, and suddenly will not give, she must be a guy…” that’s enough. Quiet!

Throw all this stuff out of my head

Cleanse your mind. Remember, no matter where you go, it really doesn’t matter. If you just met a girl and invite her for a Cup of coffee, go anywhere you liked the cafe. If you go with the girl in the car, can stop at any place that you like. If you plan in advance a date, choose a place depending on your mood and plans for the evening.

It’s how you will behave in this place, what will be there to talk to her. What kind of atmosphere you create. Your vibe, your energy. Yes, there are certain places that immediately come to easy communication. If you know them – great, if not or just happened to be in another city – not a problem. If you do not like the place, you can always move to another. There is nothing wrong with that. Do not get hung up or put down roots in one place.

Now note that it is important

It is important, how you look at it how to flirt with her which hidden signals are fed, how are you going to touch her, how you will smell. Manicure, your grooming, your body and your clothes – that is much more important than the place, where are you taking her.

She will remember your image and your attitude toward her. She will remember those moments that you don’t even suspect. She will remember the emotions that you caused her. She will pay attention to those things about which you could not think. She’s a girl, she thinks, Yes, she’s from another planet. Don’t you understand yet, so just listen to my advice and do as I tell you.

She will not remember the place where you were, or that she ordered a meal, but she will remember how you hugged her gently, as she gave the handle when you were crossing the road. She will remember how you kissed her neck and said in her ear in his deep throaty voice, how delicious it smells. She will remember what’s important to her. She will remember the emotions.

Don’t thank. Go ahead and enjoy the result. Good luck!

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