18In order to find a way to invite a guy on a date, the girl for starters you should decide what she expects from this event. Just have a good time or try to end it or continue. The second thing that will affect how to invite a guy out . this is how the girl knows him well, and even then, if he has any pair.

In the case where the favourite guy but a stranger, to start collecting the information about the “object”: what interests, how they spend their time. The more such information, the easier it will then act.

First, so you can see if a guy someone, and if so, how serious it is. Secondly, by learning more about someone, the desire might become stronger, so the gap in General, if you find that the first impression was erroneous. Separately it is necessary to collect information about the circle the object of sighs, and, if the circle is perfect and the girl, then it greatly simplifies the task.

How to invite favourite guy on a date – preparatory phase

A girl can choose one of two behaviors:

Wait-and-see. It is good if the guy already has a pair. In this case, the girl hides under the guise of a friend. Thus, it is nowhere near to be in the loop, and does not cause too much attention. If/when a guy will break up with his girlfriend, you can use this chance. The problem with waiting is may be that if a guy has a girlfriend, he may not only leave her, but also to strengthen relationships, get married, etc. In this case, the time will be spent in vain.

The second option is not much different from the first, except that good if the guy in question, already to some extent familiar. But in that and in other case everything is easier if the girl is first positioned itself as a friend. Also it will help and solve the question of how to invite a man on a date . If offers a “friend”, it may look quite innocent. It is enough to invite the usual friendly phrase “let’s go for a walk?”, or “I’m bored, want some company?” and other similar.

The question “Where to invite a man?” is not worth it in this situation urgent, because if we are talking about friends, then this is not given much value, and can agree and on the way.

And last: because many girls are afraid to say some things straight, the course usually go hints. Particularly virtuosic manage to make it so that it looks like this guy invited them. For such a virtuoso there are tons of methods, of words and tricks, but if the guy somehow sympathetic to the girl, rather one phrase “I’m bored…”.

Ways how you can invite a guy on a date:

To offer a meeting, but not as a girlfriend and as a friend. Just a walk. The fact is that if the girls rarely see friends, potential Boyfriends, then Vice versa with the guys, and they do not completely exclude the possibility to develop a relationship with a friend because for many it looks like a “gratuitous sex”.

The second way – be interested in this guy so much that he wants to invite a girl. You need to find his Achilles ‘ heel. To do this, need to know more about it, and if she maintains contact with its surroundings, it will be much easier. If a guy thinks that he and the girl shared a similar Outlook and interests, if she’s attracted to him, sooner or later he will step aside.

And third, as an alternative. If you have the opportunity to catch the guy alone, it makes sense to talk openly. To talk about their feelings. At the beginning of the 21st century is the behavior of the girl is not at all shameful. And do not be shy. No matter how sophisticated and subtle hints were not, guys sometimes want of candor and understanding. And another plus of this method, the guys are very nice initiative from the girl. but only if it’s like honey: spoon – well, hot is disgusting.