31In the life of every boy in one day the moment comes when he has to invite a girl on a first date. Naturally this event should be treated responsibly. This is how to make a first impression a second chance isn’t going to happen.

Therefore, if you spoil a first date, you are unlikely to be able to restore and customize. And even if You will be able to fix the situation, be preceded by such a “fix” of the relationship will be long and dreary evidence that you are not “like this”.

In General, it is best not to go to extremes and properly prepare for the first date with a girl. Why do you have thorns, if your asterisk is waiting for you and so, the main thing – not to frighten. So, consider all date from beginning to end.

How do I prepare?

Training your should be done carefully and diligently. So give yourself at least 2 hours before you leave home and give yourself the proper order. Dress nicely, but closer to the everyday style. Not worth it to pretend to be what you never were. Play forever you will still not be able. Clothing should be neat, ironed and fit the venue.

If it is a Park, we prefer jeans and a t-shirt, but if you’re going to the Museum or theatre – trousers and shirt. Imagine how awkward the situation would be the girl in a gorgeous dress in the restaurant if you come back in a tracksuit. What do you think — she would agree to meet with you again? The answer is obvious.

Preparing for a first date with a girl, also pay attention to such an important detail, like meet. You should find a girl near her home or to go home and get it. Discuss it beforehand. Maybe she’ll want, on the contrary, to meet at the Park. Let her choose. It will be pleased with your beloved, but the first option still ask her to go home and get it. Then the girl will feel your responsibility and seriousness of purpose.

Further proof of your serious intentions can become a bouquet of flowers. If you want the date was not in a single instance, then buy flowers for his lady. This will allow it to feel special. And this is a huge plus in your piggy Bank only the beginning of a relationship.

How to spend time?

Of course, not unimportant role here takes place. It all depends on your common interest, life style and behavior. For example, for someone to go to a rock concert is a great date, but for someone such a scenario is unacceptable romance. Generally, it is best to choose a quiet place where you can have a quiet chat, to talk about themselves, learn about each other a lot. Perfect options Park, cafes and just walking around the city.

But here’s the question – on what topic to start a conversation with a girl on a first date? First of all the need to talk about her and not about yourself. You need to make the girl became a chatterbox. Then you will only need to listen and engage in conversation more or less common phrases and questions that your fiancee didn’t think that you only pretend to listen. The best reception will be here sometimes to repeat it, so you will be able to convince the girl that all you hear, and everything comes to you.

For example, she tells you how badly she slept at night, and what a terrible nightmare she had. You listen carefully, shake my head, put a replica like – wow, wow, awful. And then, in a moment of pause, saying, “Yes, you had a terrible night! Such a dream in which you were running away, should remain in the past! Let me be every night to buy you sweet dreams and send them in the form of SMSes?”. Thus, you will show in the first part that you were listening, after all, have reproduced part of the text, while the second will offer a solution. You’re the man. Prove it to her.

How to end a date?