25So it was that I was on duty regularly have to meet with a variety of creative people – photographers, artists, designers and the like servants of the muses. Unfortunately, most of them really believe that for success they need to be in the truest sense of the word hungry. Well, maybe they consider themselves something else, but the reality is often quite trivial: there is no money, but if there is, it is not enough. And when a hungry photographer or artist is one thing, a hungry young man, who is suffering from a lack of knowledge of how to ask a girl on a date is a disaster.

One would think that creative people, who, if not they should be creative… But no – when it comes to matters of the heart, they, like the ordinary man is often disabled savvy, and hands begin to instinctively reach for the wallet. Detecting at the bottom of the wallet own financial incompetence, these rich inner world of men fall into depressive States of varying depth. It’s sad to watch, in short.

This master class I’d like to dedicate advice on the topic, as original, and most importantly – with minimal cost to spend, so to say, a romantic date. After all, you have to admit, if money is no problem, the original to be just. Given that the theme of a million roses does not lose its relevance still, I advise you to pay attention to this post and also non-poor untalented to zarabativalisy money. The information collected in this post (as with all my texts ), is purely subjective. All tips check for yourself personally, or wymagany friends, mostly women. So, this list is pure secret information, given to man by women who (contrary to popular belief) know what you want.

First of all identifies with the philosophy of the question. Here it is necessary to proceed from the postulate: the first impression is the most important. In an attempt not to screw it up, the vast majority of men I can only think of the idea to invite Her to a cafe/cinema. But if the young lady prominent, by the time I met you it was already on dozens of first dates and fed up cafes-flick. In the end, inviting the woman in the usual place where she was already a lot of times, you give her a reason to think you’re ordinary. The same as those that had invited her here to you. From here select the first fact . hot women are tired of formulaic pleasantries and boring dates. At this point they need a surge of emotion and confirmation global myth “I-don’t-such-as-all”.

If you look, a beautiful maiden, who has an interest in you and your rich inner world, not really interested in your spending. It’s stuck in your head stupid that on a first date you need to overspend. What do you think a normal woman more concerned about your immediate financial situation, or lack of imagination for exciting joint organization of leisure?From here select the second fact . feminine women are much less think about money than you (and all men together).

Conclusion . don’t get cute, be yourself and don’t let the dust in the eyes. Falsehood will bite very quickly, but sincerity is always catchy.

So, what to do:

Bike/roller/skates, depending on the time of year. Corny, but it’s better than a visit to a hookah on the sushi pizza. At the same time implying that you are all healthy and sporty type. If a chick knows how to ride and reciprocates, you will have the opportunity papalists on the legs. If he can not, but want to, you simply must not miss the chance to teach her! Experience shows that it is better to learn to roller skate/ice skate than on the bike. In this case, the chance of harm is minimal and you have to maintain at all times, to catch and raise after falls. To the delight of both of you, at this time you should be able to touch her almost EVERYWHERE. It is a pity that only through clothing, but for a first date, you have to admit, and it’s not bad. Well, when a barrier of fear of touching a stranger’s broken, and she will be more is to further infiltration. The rollers can be rented, if not their ( allerderm ) and skating ( rink ), if you have your own rollerblades/skates, you can skate on the track of health/victory Park.