34You met a charming beauty, boy, you talked, you left your phone number. And now you’re calling her a few days later, invited to a coffee shop or in a movie, and she begins to blow, to behave strangely, in General, not like you would an acquaintance. And you begin to wrestle – what did I do wrong? This article will help you understand what to do in such situations or how to avoid them.

The article is mainly addressed to guys who are interested in or engage in fun activities, like picking up girls (pickup). And as the field of communication with the opposite sex has always been important, and now to the seduction of the increased interest, which confirms the emergence of many schools of learning seduction, films about the pickups, this article may be useful for both the seducers and the guys who just want to find a soul mate.

This article describes how to invite a girl on a first date on the phone.

Just make a reservation. if you normally interested in the introduction, you talked to some common themes, she is interested in you as in the person and as a man (sexually interested), then no problems should arise, you just call and say. hi, this is Sergey (for example), we met there, come on tomorrow night meet me at a certain place.

But don’t always have the time to build a normal conversation when meeting (at least 10 minutes ), as well as understanding some features of the psychology of women (natural selection, the strategy of screening to select the best males), as well as other factors, such as her mood, the level of employment at the time of the call, etc. I decided to investigate the issue and, by the way, after his study of the effectiveness of invitations to visits increased significantly.

Following is the approximate course of the conversation.

– Hi, this is Andrew, let’s meet tomorrow there

Hey, what’s Andrew ?

– From the Park/ Boulevard/Lenin square

– Don’t know – so there’s no plans. Great, so you can socialize in the company of a nice guy. It will be fun 🙂

Now disassemble the cases when a girl starts a little “break”:

– Different

In the firm good-looking guy. )

“You are very modest 🙂

“I know, offer to meet and spend time.

Or you can ask: when was the last time you had fun, fun in the company of guy? Even if she says – recently, you have to offer once again experience such positive emotions 🙂

Let’s summarize in this way:

if a girl is free at the moment, and you struck her with his confidence and directness, she may agree to immediately.

if a girl is not opposed in principle, you just need to push her a little bit, proving that her Tuesday/Wednesday, etc. in the evening, do nothing and you will be able to diversify its leisure

if she begins to doubt whether to go for a walk with you, teach her trust, show that you’re a fun guy with whom you can communicate without any warranty;

if she says that to this day she has important things to do, achieve at least in words, to another day in her diary were you at the 1st place :);

if it starts to frost and reference the case, call her in a few days;

if she is not delighted with the offer to meet up, send an intriguing text in a few days;

the percentage of girls you can’t get a date at the moment. For a variety of reasons. Put them in the category of “the wrong sort of bees” and you will feel better.

Consider method # 2 method with a joke:

call, introduce ourselves and ask how to prepare the Caesar salad with shrimp, how to wash Laundry with bleach, etc. in General on any matter relating to life (everyday) situations not related to the topic of your personal communication. Usually she begins actively to advise something, well, if you throw in a few jokes in your conversation, and on this positive note, you say: let’s meet up. Usually the excuses arise.