8What do you associate with the word "date"? I knew with flowers and a restaurant. The world is full of stereotypes. But if the young man has no money at a restaurant, so he’s now on a date not to go? Nonsense! You can arrange a free appointment, and instead of money we will pay for creative ideas.

The most popular and low-cost view date – walk. However, almost all young men make a big mistake – you walk with a girl without a purpose. Believe me, as soon as the purpose, the date immediately transformed from a boring walk in the Park in an exciting and memorable meeting.

So, a few scenarios free Dating. But just say, completely free of charge will not work: to check on a couple of cups of coffee is always need to be ready.


Almost all women love to take pictures – silly not to use it. Think about the space: it can just be a Park, a picturesque alley, beautiful bridge, the old courtyard in the city centre, Wharf or river station. Invite a girl on a date with the caveat that you will make fotosessiu – she is exquisitely dressed and grab a few accessories to change the image. Meet and walk! Your goal – beautiful pictures, but along the way you communicate, get acquainted closer, learn about each other new. It’s not just a date, it is an event to remember for you both.

Evening or night cruise with fireworks