First date with a girl Probably, the first date with a girl — most importantly a date. From what will happen on the first date will depend very much, including how quickly you sleep with the girl.

So you met a girl, and still decided to make a date and she agreed, which means that she might have liked, but it’s possible.

Let me explain why it is possible . what we liked — because there are such girls, who are called by dinamically, maybe you caught what it was, but maybe she’s just bored at home and she decided to be a little bit more fun.

Consider the case when the first date will be with quite a nice girl. This means that your task now is to make you more like a girl. In General, then it is a simple task. The solution to this problem lies in the fact that at the time to understand the preferences of the ladies. You need to understand what she likes, what she expects from you, what he wants, what are the habits in the guys she likes, what turns her on and gets, well, to understand her wishes.

How to prepare for your first date with a girl first of all from a psychological point of view?

The mistake many guys that they are either too stiff, or too loose behave.

Wrong choice of topics for conversation on a first date — another raspatronennomu error.

On a first date is important: the manner of communication, demeanor, manner of giving yourself all the way up to your gait will be assessed by a girl on a first date. And in order not to hit the nose in the dirt, you need to follow some rules that have been already invented and tested in practice.

About the rules later. First you have to define a place for a first date. Just saying, to call the girl to his “house” on a first date is not necessary, unless of course you want to achieve something from it. Need to be though not very original, but at least decent and cultured young man.

The old proven method is to call the girl in the movie. Cinema is a place where watching quiet romantic film, you can relax and kiss the girl. When you buy the tickets, so, inadvertently, with a smile on your face, ask the girl “What will take place for kisses”. Look at her reaction, if you are sympathetic to her, she will smile and give to understand that she doesn’t mind, just don’t beat out of her words. Don’t tell her “I can’t hear, for kisses, or better in the centre sit better watch out”. Give the choice to the girl, but at the same time take part. Please see the sessions in the cinema, choose a time to book places. Book with the expectation that girls are always late for a date . but on a first date they are late is not very strong, so that the stock of the late girl can take only half an hour.

The choice of the film — this is also a very important task, from a wrong choice of film would spoil all the date. Can I ask what kind of movies she likes, but you can take this responsibility on themselves and to choose for yourself. Don’t look on a first date with a girl fighters and all kinds of blockbusters. See a romantic Comedy, because Comedy is the best movie for a first date.

No need to buy a bucket of popcorn and a can of Cola. Take a little soda and some popcorn. Sit with your mouth full at the cinema on a first date with a girl – there is nothing more foolish. No need to sit and eat popcorn while sippin ‘ coke from a straw. Your goal — to sit and pretend that you are enjoying the movie and from time to time glancing at the girl very happy with a look, glancing to notice this, but you, noticing her eyes on me immediately turn away. Supposedly so simple, admire it, until she sees. Proceed to stage kiss on the first date you need twenty minutes before the end of the session. Do it slowly and gently, before go to kiss, take a look at the girl, look her in the eye. And then, start to kiss her and do it on some appropriate moment of the film (when the main characters together again and happy). The session will end and you begin.

Also to invite a girl on a first date in a cafe or restaurant. Choose cafĂ© is just as close to the girl’s house, it’s a given that you have a car, but if it is, the cafe is better to choose to taste (quiet and cozy), although initially you need to think about what you will not be able to drink a single drop of alcohol.

And I still think that on a first date girl better be in a cafe, not a restaurant. Cafes — it’s more democratic, and suddenly you’ll scare the person of his intention. If you are acquainted with the ordinary student, there is no need from here to eternity. Modesty — this is the line that women simply adore in men. And so you are in the cafe. Your first date with the girl began. Start immediately to care for the girl; the door at the entrance to the cafe, outerwear, chair, all that you should control. The door — to access help, remove outer clothing, push chair etc.

Order. What do you order? It is important to understand that no matter what there is, most importantly, what to drink. And here you should first to say so — “First champagne in honor of the holiday.”

She. – In honor of any holiday?

You. – Like what? The holiday that I’m with you on the date.

She is so pleasant and she will drink with you, with her little face will not subside a nice smile. With a glass of champagne, you can talk about how you hesitated to approach her about how pretty she is, about how you like her eyes, in General, what she’s delightful. Then you can talk about future plans, studies, work, career, and then gradually go on some personal themes. Ask her about her character traits, it will be useful to you if you divorce her for sex. By the way, read tips on how to breed the girl on sex — these recommendations you are very handy. Act natural, not conceited, don’t act tough, don’t underestimate the girls . don’t say that girls are dumber than boys.

After dining take her home. There you come to her house and close the moment of farewell, the need to kiss her even on the cheek. Ask her how she is to relate to kissing on the first date. If I say that very well, then go for it. Act as and when you kiss in the cinema. Tell her that you spent a wonderful evening, say that you will call or what will be waiting for her call. In General, stuff like that. In General, the scheme with kisses on the first date is almost standard.

And that first date with the girl gone, now your task is not to give her descent, do not give respite to the victim. Call her the next day and tell me what you want to see her.