20First date is the most important step in the beginning of the relationship. However, many men fail to decide to invite a girl.

In most cases this is due to the fact that some young people do not know how and where to ask a girl out on a date, and I’m afraid to make a fool in front of her.

However, the situation is quite easily solved, if requested to develop an action plan.

How to invite

The question how to get a date with a girl, suffers not only shy guys. Fear of failure scares absolutely everyone. Constantly postponing the invitation then, the man only postpones the moment, tormenting himself and a potential friend. If you happened to meet a pretty special that you like, then surely we should invite her on a date. But do not hurry. First of all, you should think of where to get a date with a girl, pick a day and time of the alleged meeting. Immediately setting the rules of the game, your credibility in the eyes of the companion will grow significantly, because many women expect from men of independence and leadership in the relationship.

Picking up several options where to get a date with a girl, talk with her, time and place of the meeting. The proposal must come from you, but if familiar for some reason can not meet on this day, do not insist, and select a convenient time for both meetings. To your offer looked tempting and the girl without another word, he would agree to meet with you, try to efficiently present the invitation. Do not tighten with a call to the girlfriend, because the sooner you do, the faster you will solve the question of how to get a date with a girl. For a start, find out how she’s doing, and then offer to meet, voicing their own versions of fun.


For some reason it is believed that the first date should definitely be held in either fine or in extreme places. However, it is not necessary to invite the girl immediately to an expensive restaurant or to call for a parachute jump. There are not less interesting places to get a date with a girl is and where she is sure to please.

Biking or roller skating

Such a date, for sure, will like sporting girls. And if you know that your new friend is among them, you can keep in mind this option where to get a date with a girl. Active walk will help you get closer, you will also receive a lot of positive emotions and become more trust in each other. But do not choose too extreme activities (skydiving, paintball, etc.).

A picnic

A great alternative trek to an expensive restaurant will be a picnic outside the city. Having a car greatly facilitates the implementation of this idea. Select a picturesque place on the Bank of a river or lake, take fruit and other snacks, a blanket. Watching the sunset in a beautiful corner of nature will be the logical conclusion of the evening, and perhaps the reason for the first kiss.

Evening walk

If the previous idea where to get a date with a girl, you for some reason you are not satisfied, win-win and cost-effective option would be a walk in the evening city. However, in order the meeting was interesting for both, think in advance of itinerary, selecting the most beautiful places of your city for walking, with views.