4“My God! What he looked like! I’m a bit of shame not a failure!”

How often we hear this phrase from the girls, returning from a first date! The passion with which this statement sounds, makes us think that the young man met her, dressed in traditional Zulu suit or little black dress from Chanel. Nothing of the sort, he just put on your favorite sweatpants (known popularly by the code word “sweatpants”). How many times told the world that sweatpants (even if it is the most popular products on commodity markets of the city firms Abibas) – thing is unacceptable on a first date (Yes, in fact, altogether inadmissible away from the gym, barbecue deck chairs and home of the TV). But no! Columns of brave men marching on dates with cute and charming girls, dressed in the uniform of people without taste. Seeing You in such a convenient and family to Your heart sweat pants with stripes, she immediately remembers that he forgot to turn off the washing machine (coffee maker, coffee grinder and juicer) and immediately run away. In fact, such reactions should wait and Romeo, who came in a suit and tie to a meeting, appointed to the bowling club. Before you open the closet, you need to remember: where exactly will happen Your first date, and on this basis to choose your costume Casanova. Continue reading

25So it was that I was on duty regularly have to meet with a variety of creative people – photographers, artists, designers and the like servants of the muses. Unfortunately, most of them really believe that for success they need to be in the truest sense of the word hungry. Well, maybe they consider themselves something else, but the reality is often quite trivial: there is no money, but if there is, it is not enough. And when a hungry photographer or artist is one thing, a hungry young man, who is suffering from a lack of knowledge of how to ask a girl on a date is a disaster.

One would think that creative people, who, if not they should be creative… But no – when it comes to matters of the heart, they, like the ordinary man is often disabled savvy, and hands begin to instinctively reach for the wallet. Detecting at the bottom of the wallet own financial incompetence, these rich inner world of men fall into depressive States of varying depth. It’s sad to watch, in short. Continue reading

3All males regardless of age face the question: “how to ask a girl out on a date so she agreed?” Modern beauty rather spoiled and self-sufficient, so be aware that old versions of the invitations is not very appropriate. Offer, 5 the simplest and most effective ways to properly invite your favorite girl to a romantic meeting.

Method # 1 – the Internet

Today is a very popular variety of social networks. most of the ladies often they “hang”. So, in the process of communication to offer: “let’s go somewhere and get coffee!” If she immediately unsubscribe that don’t mind, can I ask when and where will be your rendezvous (or offer).

One of the best options to invite the object of his sympathy for a date is a normal phone conversation. Most importantly, don’t immediately say, “I want to take you out on a date…”, not all girls like this rapid approach. But “tire pull” should not be: “I was thinking…maybe… we’ll meet again…if you don’t mind…” Women always prefer strong, confident men. Therefore, the ideal would be to go to a new trendy place to sit and have a Cup of coffee and talk. Then you can hold up to your dream home. So, remember – confidence and the desire to interest! Well, there, at the meeting, ‘s how. And most importantly, if your miss is busy, it is better to call back later. Easy persistence is everything! Continue reading