7Don’t invite a girl home, if you don’t know her for a long time. First, the unfamiliar girl can be as a thief and gunner. And well even if what she’s going for a good night’s sleep – will not put you to sleep forever.

Secondly, there is, alas, such a profession as «submit an application that you raped me, if you don’t pay off!» You need to visit the police, the investigation and the area or hitting from the bandits? Even if you’re cool, don’t be so troublesome, at least to himself by his own… with your hands. Take out, take the hedgehog out of his pants!

If you claim that is not married and very lonely, but actually it is not so — to lead home the girls are strictly prohibited. You will not be able to hide all traces of inhabitation women in your house, don’t even try. A bunch of Souvenirs, pillows, curtains, placed furniture, etc. – check for yourself, look at your married friend and single – they look very different.

A woman from childhood accustomed to notice the smallest details, halftones, you can’t beat. Moreover, even if the miracle happens and my friend will not overlook the fact that you so carefully hid — must be in the same order to put all the things, jars and bottles back.

And here is the wife who returns to the assumption that you’re not really bored, I would draw attention to the fact that “that one jar was rotated to the other side and that too! And dresses hanging in the closet otherwise…”

Want to risk it?

Then pay attention: if you’re going to arrange a romantic evening – I don’t cook. It would be difficult to explain to my wife why you suddenly decided to cook, and not just soup, but something, and found where what foods are in the house if never before did not do this.

Bear in mind that if this is your first experience – it is definitely going to fail and you my friend have the chance to spend the night in bed, and in the agony of waiting until a toilet. Order the food in the restaurant. Delivery ask to make to the entrance, and the entrance is better to specify – not for me, the apartment, if require not and your contact phone number – not home, and the mobile on which you call a friend with him and not with home – call in service orders. Packaging and branded bags will certainly throw. If you was not in the habit earlier the trash make himself — will also give rise themselves to suspect, so throw it out separately.

Was going to buy a gift for a friend? Don’t do it in the near-to-home stores. There can know your spouse and ask, whether he liked her. And not only sincere, but also in the hope to know that actually the gift was not for her, and enjoy someone else’s chagrin. Love, love the girls to realize that not only saleswoman thick-Thani life was not successful, but more successful husband left running!

Have carefully vacuuming all and send to the Laundry . But such sudden zeal is not even a suspicion, but virtually certain. Therefore learn at random moments to offer his wife some help with vacuuming and wet cleaning, if the meeting is scheduled a month later – better to do it every weekend.

Check the bathtub drain on the subject of women’s hair. Check the adjustment of the soul that neither the height nor the inclination angle did not differ from their normal position.

Don’t let a female friend of towels your wife’s smell. And certainly, hair dryers and other feminine pieces. Even just in circumstances it will set a different temperature… and you’re already under a hail of accusations.

Don’t let the girlfriend do you have to cook, clean and so on. There is nothing more clearly indicates the presence of a Muslim woman than cooked soup, which you did not do or the wrong way removed the pillow, otherwise the covered bed.

Friend all the plates, spoons, dishes will feature in their own way, just mechanically. Don’t show your wife that her kitchen was the other woman, it might freak her out even more than what you with someone else slept. If you never even the dishes are not washed, be sure to find time to get that washed friend, and even better – in principle, do not let her into the kitchen.

Remember that mistress might deliberately leave your panties/bra/glove/brooch-earring under the pillow, mattress, stuff under the bed (a particularly vile in cases even to take a change of underwear). The calculation here is simple: don’t forgive you spouse will kick and you’re so beautiful, will come to already ex-lover and future wife.

Seeing, as if by chance look at her, admire the color and form of ammunition – and don’t forget to compare it with the one that was on it, the presence of earrings, etc. If she upset “embarrassing” their spirits or scattered sequins run to the store and buy these in duplicate – you wanted to make a surprise to his wife, but accidentally fell, broke, spilled, broken out, in the trash… “I’m Sorry, dear, and here’s another are the same”. For sequin you have to buy a whole set – women usually do not use. Because this can cause and even will certainly cause comments, sometimes it is better to give these sets myself – just out of the blue.

In modern apartments, thin walls, and thus to shout something erotic female voice, if the wife went out somewhere, you have no one. The male is not very good can get.

If mistress smokes – cigarette smell may remain, as you would not be aired. But here just to help, if you’re gonna pull “Belomor”. Kick Smoking to the landing, and especially to the balcony to show the neighbors that you were not alone.