19So, you fell in love, your heart is beating faster, you are ready to do crazy things. Remained the last and most difficult step, ask a girl out on a date . And here begin with thought, something like, what if she says no or something. Immediately begin to worry and worry. Even the most brave guys start to stutter and mumble, because the stakes are so high.

The right way

So your invitation is answered positively, it is necessary for him to find an opening. If you just got acquainted and exchange phone numbers, it is best to mention of the next meeting, set a date and time. But you can immediately ask a girl out to some cafe or restaurant. If you met my good friend, then ask them out even easier, suffice it to say that you would like to see her again. When direct communication is a big part of success is determined by non-verbal communication, that is, your facial expressions and gestures. It is very easy to know what’s really on the mind of a person just by looking at how he behaves. So look closely at how your friend behaves, you will realize how it genuinely speaks to you.

By phone

A date can be made by telephone, but there is one thing. Talking on the phone, much harder to understand what the girl mood. Often young people do not interpret certain answers, which leads to the wrong conclusions. Use the following guidelines if you want to invite a girl on a date over the phone.

Don’t call too early or too late, to choose the optimum time to call.

Whoever picked up the phone, politely say.

As soon as say Hello, ask whether it is convenient for her to speak now.

Do not talk too much, do not expand the conversation. No need of abstruse phrases, speak as you used to communicate.

If you are not very confident, rehearse the conversation. Don’t memorize, but just think about how to answer certain questions, how to saidright.

Tell us where and when you would wait for her at the end of the conversation, see how she can remember. If she is going away, then she probably is not much wants to go on a date. But act decisively.

Speak with dignity. If you refuse, not vymachivayte nothing onigiris. It will kill your relationship at any stage, be calm. The less you show her attention, the more she wants to walk with you.

If you refused, does not mean that all came to an end. Now, we all have our things, and maybe she’s just busy today. Not every girl can deny is beautiful and clear, that all became clear. If she can’t make it, ask if she has free time on subsequent days. Also, if, finally, the coveted number of beautiful stranger you got, don’t hesitate to call, call as soon as possible. Do not think that you will make someone of himself even more to think, does you can just forget.


If you got a girl text me like “What they do”, then you can congratulate you actually, like a date. You need to act immediately. Of course, it doesn’t convey the whole meaning, but, nevertheless, allow us to understand how man is interested this fellowship. If you get answers quickly. and they are affirmative, then feel free to dial her number and make an appointment. You can palpate the kidney and leading questions, like “What are you doing tonight” or “And were you in the cinema in the open air?”. How you will meet the girl, you will understand how it can and wants to meet you.


Now anyone can actively use social networks, almost every person is in some kind of community. Largely, this date is unique, because you have not seen previously, and it is possible that the person in the photo and in real life are different. To this we must be prepared. Moreover, it is desirable and your photos to be reviewed so as not to disappoint passion when they first met.

To get a date using a special video cards or treasure, booklets or beautiful postcards. Intrigue a girl, so it was fun to go on this date. Then, of course, will need to hold her, but that’s a different topic of conversation.

To act first man, although sometimes the opposite is true. Thus, there is a redistribution of social roles, but in General, the main task is to find your soul mate. No need to cling to a person only because of fear of being alone, let go and continue the search. Soon you will find what you would like.