23Learn how to go on a first date in different countries.

German women themselves invite on a date

For German girls to invite a guy on a date is a common occurrence. In addition, they are completely devoid of prejudices, so a first date often ends in bed.

The Germans appointed a first date in a pub, cafe or restaurant. Each pays for itself. Second date is also a tradition. If a girl really liked, German, likely to invite her on Saturday to the movies.

The British found among weeks

On a first date British girls during the week, since the weekend they have taken hold in the company of friends.

The first meeting traditionally takes place in the pub, the guy can pay for the girl, though she’s unlikely to be much to fork out. But more often the couple pays the bill in half.

In Britain it is accepted to escort the girl home, but sex on the first date is excluded.

The Frenchman can invite a girl for Breakfast

First date in France can take place morning, afternoon or evening. A man usually chooses a cafe or inexpensive restaurant.

But he’ll pay for his girlfriend only if he really liked. Sex on the first date I was the amorous French are not accepted.

Spaniard will not pay for itself

Spanish flu – independent girl and not allowed to pay a man himself neither on the first nor on the second, nor on any other date. Flowers, gifts and any other favors they do not accept.

An interesting tradition associated with the choice of location of the first date. If a man invites a girl out to lunch – he just likes it. If invites to dine, in love, and if offers to drink a few cocktails at the bar, wants to spend the night with her.

In the US sex on the first date

Practical Americans do not like long to care, and sex on the first date for them – business as usual.

Sex does not mean that the meetings will be repeated. No commitment between partners no.

First date is most often administered in a cafe, bar or disco where everyone pays for itself.

But to accompany the girl home is not accepted. She decides how to get home.

The Chinese refer to the first date seriously

Chinese can invite a girl on a first date to a club, bar or restaurant. However, he is demonstrating miracles of generosity, not sparing of money on his girlfriend. The Chinese decided to accompany the girl home after a date and find out where she would like to meet again.

Sex on the first date in China categorically excluded, however, as the second and third. Guy long eyeing the girl and decide whether she is a fit wife.

Perhaps this is why the divorce rate in China is extremely low.