4“My God! What he looked like! I’m a bit of shame not a failure!”

How often we hear this phrase from the girls, returning from a first date! The passion with which this statement sounds, makes us think that the young man met her, dressed in traditional Zulu suit or little black dress from Chanel. Nothing of the sort, he just put on your favorite sweatpants (known popularly by the code word “sweatpants”). How many times told the world that sweatpants (even if it is the most popular products on commodity markets of the city firms Abibas) – thing is unacceptable on a first date (Yes, in fact, altogether inadmissible away from the gym, barbecue deck chairs and home of the TV). But no! Columns of brave men marching on dates with cute and charming girls, dressed in the uniform of people without taste. Seeing You in such a convenient and family to Your heart sweat pants with stripes, she immediately remembers that he forgot to turn off the washing machine (coffee maker, coffee grinder and juicer) and immediately run away. In fact, such reactions should wait and Romeo, who came in a suit and tie to a meeting, appointed to the bowling club. Before you open the closet, you need to remember: where exactly will happen Your first date, and on this basis to choose your costume Casanova.

Poverty is not a sin, but not on the first date!

No, we are not talking about the ceremony Your beloved keys from Greenland with all the local bears and penguins, or presentation on a velvet cushion ring with a diamond. The main requirement not to seem like a cheapskate. For example, one girl broke up with a young man who, after paying for dinner at the cafe, and began to carefully count the change (a few dozen and a handful of stuff), and then shoved all the branches pulled from his pocket a tiny purse. To hell with them, with a tip for the waiter, but the kind of men that can adjust the trifle at a table in a cafe, is able to extinguish the fire of love in women’s eyes. Dear men! Please: before inviting a girl to dinner, find out in advance how much You can lead to visit to the institution. And then not have to blush, watching as the partner pays a romantic dinner, which turned into a memorial for Your relationship.

“But there was that thing!”

Each of us deep down believes he is the one and only, and it is unacceptable to tell on the first date, about his “ex” or unsuccessful meetings (if You met my current partner on the website). The history of Your “military biography” will give her to understand that she is only an episode, one of many questionnaires. And even if the girl laughing merrily together on the comic of the described situations, it does not mean that her soul will not leave a nasty sludge that will spoil Your communication.

“Remove it immediately”

No, it’s not about sex on the first date (here we from advice refrain – everyone chooses the pace of development of their relationship). It is about the attempts of some young men to change their darlings. And dramatically and quickly. Case in point: one of my friends fiercely hates the boy that caused her the most recently romantic feelings for the phrase: “What terrible jeans on you! Now, when you’re with me, you don’t have to wear this crap!”

Of course, the desire to turn his beloved into a beautiful Princess commendable, but not methods, crippling her feelings.

We are responsible for those….

“Well, honey, she’ll get?” these words, spoken unpretentious gentleman, often covered with a nascent love a mortal blow from which it cannot recover! Because the relationship “man-woman” that man acts as the “stone walls”, support and protection. What kind of protection that washes his hands, giving the fragile girl “to get”? Naturally, the girl, after this proposal, decide it to be overlooked that he want her to get off. In the end, how would she know that You just want to catch the beginning of a broadcast of a football match, and not seek to demonstrate their indifference! So why not offer Your companion to continue the evening in the sports bar for a glass of beer? Experience shows that girls, if they like the young man who made such an offer, happy to agree, and even sense the General mood of the room, enthusiastically “sick”. Besides, seeing his beloved home after the game, You will find that You have another topic of conversation and, quite possibly, the General enthusiasm that, as you know, brings.

You say: “impossible” all clear! Then what can? It’s simple: you need to be attentive and helpful.