3All males regardless of age face the question: “how to ask a girl out on a date so she agreed?” Modern beauty rather spoiled and self-sufficient, so be aware that old versions of the invitations is not very appropriate. Offer, 5 the simplest and most effective ways to properly invite your favorite girl to a romantic meeting.

Method # 1 – the Internet

Today is a very popular variety of social networks. most of the ladies often they “hang”. So, in the process of communication to offer: “let’s go somewhere and get coffee!” If she immediately unsubscribe that don’t mind, can I ask when and where will be your rendezvous (or offer).

One of the best options to invite the object of his sympathy for a date is a normal phone conversation. Most importantly, don’t immediately say, “I want to take you out on a date…”, not all girls like this rapid approach. But “tire pull” should not be: “I was thinking…maybe… we’ll meet again…if you don’t mind…” Women always prefer strong, confident men. Therefore, the ideal would be to go to a new trendy place to sit and have a Cup of coffee and talk. Then you can hold up to your dream home. So, remember – confidence and the desire to interest! Well, there, at the meeting, ‘s how. And most importantly, if your miss is busy, it is better to call back later. Easy persistence is everything!

Method # 3 – a little trick

You’re like a certain beauty, but did not get to meet her, don’t know how best to ask her out somewhere, not sure of her consent, I don’t want to look stupid. Well, then have to go on a little trick. First find out where it is most often. Then as if by chance meet her there, surprised, and then offer with a smile: “Oh, hi, how are you? Let’s sit down somewhere!” but of course, unobtrusive narrow it down, do not hurry it, and if so, we can just hang out with her, that way spending, but at the same time and chat, maybe ask her for another time. This technique is interesting because you keep being nice, attentive and unobtrusive.

Method # 4 – invitation to the movies

Quite old, but as they say, time-proven method. To get the desired “Yes” or “OK” you only need to choose the right film (for example, the premiere of which it is difficult to get) and the session (preferably evening). And then, the walk, the talk about the film, who slowly translate that like (most people love to talk about themselves, especially women), be attentive companion. If you can be interested in his “in perspective” the girl, not noticing her views on a loved one is just unreal. Good movies and far places in the hall!

Method # 5 – be careful!

Very often, many guys think that we did everything possible and impossible, and anyway, the girl is not concerned with them eyes of his beautiful eyes. But as my experience, quite the contrary. Because of the fear of failure, lack of confidence, guys just are unable to notice the signs of favor from the girls.

For example, writes a miss: “What are you doing?”, it’s almost in plain text question: “Why didn’t you call?” Or here’s another: “How are you, what are you doing?” Well Yes it is still that “Maybe we could meet up,…take a walk…sit in a cafe…”

Guys, be careful to the objects of his sympathy and passion. Sometimes one look or the motion of your beauties can say more than any words!