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3All males regardless of age face the question: “how to ask a girl out on a date so she agreed?” Modern beauty rather spoiled and self-sufficient, so be aware that old versions of the invitations is not very appropriate. Offer, 5 the simplest and most effective ways to properly invite your favorite girl to a romantic meeting.

Method # 1 – the Internet

Today is a very popular variety of social networks. most of the ladies often they “hang”. So, in the process of communication to offer: “let’s go somewhere and get coffee!” If she immediately unsubscribe that don’t mind, can I ask when and where will be your rendezvous (or offer).

One of the best options to invite the object of his sympathy for a date is a normal phone conversation. Most importantly, don’t immediately say, “I want to take you out on a date…”, not all girls like this rapid approach. But “tire pull” should not be: “I was thinking…maybe… we’ll meet again…if you don’t mind…” Women always prefer strong, confident men. Therefore, the ideal would be to go to a new trendy place to sit and have a Cup of coffee and talk. Then you can hold up to your dream home. So, remember – confidence and the desire to interest! Well, there, at the meeting, ‘s how. And most importantly, if your miss is busy, it is better to call back later. Easy persistence is everything! Continue reading

16You met a girl and want to ask her out on a first date. Of course, the first romantic evening should be spent in the restaurant. Only, what to choose, where to go? We will try to understand. Preferably about the restaurant to take care in advance. If you have no experience of visiting such places, try to find information about these places through friends, acquaintances, or just on the Internet.

Well, if the restaurant dimmed the lights, and set on the table the candles will be perfectly romantic setting. The girl will feel more confident, less shy. Better yet, take a trip, choosing a SPA hotel with a restaurant as a place to stay. Continue reading