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In this article we want to share with you magical advice on how to ask a girl or guy out on a date.

1. To begin, think carefully what you’re going to get a date with a girl or guy. What do you expect from that visit?

3. Before you invite a girl or guy out on a date, decide on it. Find a convenient time when you will not be disturbed and invite.

4. Also in advance, you must consider where you will lead your soul mate, because if the answer is Yes, you will need to tell the place and the date.

5. Most likely, you will be asked why you want to go on a date. Here you need to turn on all your charm to get the confidence of a person. There are ingenious people who will immediately understand that simple request has something to hide. In this case, you should say that you’ve always wanted just to have lunch as it would be a good idea.

6. If your proposal is interested in the object of sympathy, but he hasn’t decided yet, give him time. Don’t rush things.

7. When you get a date with a girl or a guy, smile. If you are in a bad mood, do not come. A genuine smile always likable people.

8. In addition to the main space and time, think of something else, because the person at this time can be the case. A person would be much nicer if you give him the choice.

9. If you receive a denial, you should not pry into the reason. Just go on, the desired object may change your mind and agree.

10. Before you offer to meet the guy or girl, think about whether you want it. It must lift your spirits and rejoice in you.

11. If invited on a date with you, do not play. Please reply directly “Yes” or “no”. Of course, if you have time, say so, but in any case do not torture people.

12. Before you go out try not to drink, because all this could end badly.

13. And remember that on a date you should be alone together. The person will likely be not comfortable in the company of your friends or other strangers.

Here are easy tips will help you to get a date with a girl or guy. Hopefully, with our help, you will have an unforgettable evening.